My Favourite Photos

1st image: Robin on Take off

I chose this image because I loved the way the robin was about to fly, and it showed the wings blurry to show movement. I think this photo sends a message to the audience that says: You have freedom to do anything you wish. I think that is the message because it shows the robin taking of to fly, and flying sort of represents freedom, and because the bird had no hurry. I chose the camera angle to be straight across to the robin, except the angle was diagonally.  I took the picture under the shade, so light would not reflect of the lens and get lens flare. The focus was on the robin, but particularly on the wings of the bird, to show the force of momentum. The position, is used by the rule of thirds, I put the robin 1/3 to the bottom and to the right.

2nd image: Crows on a Wire

This is one of my favourite photos, too because the crows are not a real silhouette, but it sort of looks like it because of their coal-black feathers. The message this picture I think is sending to other people is that “It’s okay to stand out.” I chose this message because the crows represent objects that stand out because are big and black, so it’s sort of hard to miss. The camera angle was distant and was at a slant upwards, so you are seeing more of the bottom of the crows. The lighting was natural, and was mid-bright because if it was really bright, you would see a silhouette of the birds. The focus was more to the crow on the left, when that one was sharp and the other was harder to see all the details of the bird. The position was the rule of thirds, but the left crow was a bit off, compared to the other bird.

3rd image: Tree Branch

I chose this image because the branch was really focused on, so the background was out of focus and made the background appear with different colours of green. This message is harder to recall then the others, but the best estimate would probably be “Try to make your life as colourful as possible,” because the different colours of green make that appear in your head, because some people think there is only 1 color of something. The camera angle is straight upwards, so the branch was sticking out, and the leaves would be upwards, too. The lighting was dim, because I was in the shade when I took the photo, so the picture appeared a bit darker then it seemed. The focus was on the tree branch, so the surrounding would be blurred. The position of objects, just like the rest, was based on the rule of thirds. The tree was on the to points on the left.


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