Special: Should Techonology be used in Class?

Should Technology be used in Class?

Click, click, tap, tap, ding! Have you ever wondered would it would be like if we had electronics at school? I think personal electronic devices should be allowed to use in school, because they are like a tool like no other.

Now if some students don’t have a PED? Well, we have school computers so they don’t feel left out. iPods, cell phones, Macs, they all are a tool in our class. We use it to advance our learning in school from paper and pen to electronics. We uses these tools to expand, not escape. It also gets students engaged in learning so they can find it fun to be in school. Also, you can have access to the Internet anytime when you have your iPod or cell phone at school. You can also communicate through some websites, like Twitter, so you can talk to that other guy across the room and don’t disturb others, or talk to another school you are collaborating with.

Our class does play games sometimes during learning on their PED, or some students misuse the electronics at school, but everyone learns from it. Nobody is perfect, after all. Would you rather bring your electronic device to school then use a school computer everyday? Most likely. Why? Because some students may be more comfortable with their device then a school’s device. These devices are fairly expensive so it would be bad if we lost it, but the students are responsible in our class and we have never lost a device this whole year.

You still think us kids are not responsible for PEDs? Take another thought before you are sure about it. Would it distract us during a presentation or something like that? Nope. Of course not. Why? Because you would see us tapping away on our iPods while the teacher is talking, but that’s because we are communicating with each other and asking questions about the presentation. We are creative about our learning. What if we post something bad about another person? We don’t. We have rules in our class about the PEDs. Some of the most important rules are: Don’t brag about your device, Use your device only when our teacher is in our classroom, and use it for learning purposes only. We have restrictions on what we can do on our device.

Now what do you think about electronics in the classroom? Have you changed your mind about it being unacceptable? Because it’s a outstanding gadget to have in our class!


2 Responses to Special: Should Techonology be used in Class?

  1. Royan Lee says:

    You have done a great job of stating the problem, your opinion and the solution. I also am so impressed with the amount of reasons you have for your opinion.

    The next thing you should work on is organizing your ideas logically. At the moment, it’s almost like you have too many ideas. Make them into sections. For example, paragraph one is about myths that aren’t true. Paragraph 2 could be about the things we use them for. Paragraph 3 could be how it makes us love school more.

  2. I like the way you put the beginning, middle and end in the right place. you also used very good reasons. I think one thing you have to work on is using million dollar words.

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