Special: PEDs at School

Electronics at school

Hello everybody, I am so glad to be here. Today I am going to talk about electronics at school. Have you ever herd sounds like “Click, click, tap, tap, ding!” in the classroom? No, because electronic devices in the classroom are banned. But have you ever thought that these handhelds can be used for learning purposes?  I think personal electronic devices should be allowed to use in school, because electronic handhelds are advantageous accessories in the school.

One of the great things of acquiring electronic devices such as iPods, Laptops, and cell phones  is that you have the Internet in the palm of your hands. You don’t have to get on that old school laptop that is snail-slow! Also, if you have the Internet in your hands, students can easily do their work. It’s like the perfect idea so far for schools! Plus, when you have these devices in hand, you can talk to a person across the room, or even other class, without disturbing other classmates. To include the final fact, with these Personal Electronic Devices (A.K.A. PEDs) you can easily grab it and go on the Internet within 1 minute, when those slow laptops usually take 5 minutes. A big change, huh?

Another great thing is that we use these devices to privilege our learning at school, like doing our homework on Google documents, Our class website, twitter, and more. It helps us advance our learning 1 step above other classes. We also listen to music sometimes during silent time, which helps us concentrate by calming us students down. Music also for several kids in my class helps us learn. We can go on WordPress to post a new reading post on what you’re reading.  These accessories are very helpful for our learning, like saving trees when you use “Digital cue cards” or something like that, because using that energy actually is more environmentally friendly then using paper. You see, electronics at school are a very handy tool to have!

These machines also let us organize our thoughts, ideas, and might even not need all those un-portable school supplies, and just use our electronic handhelds! Then we won’t need those bulky, heavy backpacks and just bring a small, portable device! These devices help us organize ourself, instead of having all our stuff messy. We could even save the trees from cutting down a WHOLE tree for paper if we use PEDs instead. Maybe even digitize our tests to be Eco-friendly.

Some questions our class gets asked often are some like what if some students don’t have any device, or do they sometimes use their device to play games? Well, a fair amount of kids in my class have no handheld, including me, so we use our class laptops, even though their slower, they still happen to work well. If some students use their device to escape then expand from class, their are some consequences. Some people have used their device to play games, but they learned from that mistake and use their handhelds even wiser now. See, everyone makes mistakes, but people learn from it. I have to admit too, that I’m not a perfect person, even if you think of it.

Now what do you think about electronics in the classroom? Have you changed your mind about it being unacceptable? Or were you on my side all along? It’s a outstanding gadget to have in our class, and if we pass it on to the next generation, the next generation will be more that happy about adding these appliances to their school! Thanks for listening everyone, and I hope you have put two thoughts about this argument whether or not to have these PEDs in the classroom.


Thinking Book: May 25

Book: The Last Song

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Genre: Drama/Romance

I am still reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. (It’s a long book!) It’s about a 17-year-old girl named Veronica (Ronnie) that learns that family comes before fun. She visits her dad for the summer, when she wanted to stay in New York. (There is a secret reason, read the book to find out why) They go through many adventures during the summer, and Ronnie learns that her dad is more important then staying in New York.

My view about the book: I think this book is one of the best books I read. And I’ve read thousands of books. It’s not the best I’ve read, (If it was, it would be about doggies! Joking…) but it surely fascinates me. I enjoy drama books, and once in a while, Romance books.

Special: Dogs


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Thinking Book: May 17

Book: The Last Song

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Genre: Drama/Romance

Special: Should Techonology be used in Class?

Should Technology be used in Class?

Click, click, tap, tap, ding! Have you ever wondered would it would be like if we had electronics at school? I think personal electronic devices should be allowed to use in school, because they are like a tool like no other.

Now if some students don’t have a PED? Well, we have school computers so they don’t feel left out. iPods, cell phones, Macs, they all are a tool in our class. We use it to advance our learning in school from paper and pen to electronics. We uses these tools to expand, not escape. It also gets students engaged in learning so they can find it fun to be in school. Also, you can have access to the Internet anytime when you have your iPod or cell phone at school. You can also communicate through some websites, like Twitter, so you can talk to that other guy across the room and don’t disturb others, or talk to another school you are collaborating with.

Our class does play games sometimes during learning on their PED, or some students misuse the electronics at school, but everyone learns from it. Nobody is perfect, after all. Would you rather bring your electronic device to school then use a school computer everyday? Most likely. Why? Because some students may be more comfortable with their device then a school’s device. These devices are fairly expensive so it would be bad if we lost it, but the students are responsible in our class and we have never lost a device this whole year.

You still think us kids are not responsible for PEDs? Take another thought before you are sure about it. Would it distract us during a presentation or something like that? Nope. Of course not. Why? Because you would see us tapping away on our iPods while the teacher is talking, but that’s because we are communicating with each other and asking questions about the presentation. We are creative about our learning. What if we post something bad about another person? We don’t. We have rules in our class about the PEDs. Some of the most important rules are: Don’t brag about your device, Use your device only when our teacher is in our classroom, and use it for learning purposes only. We have restrictions on what we can do on our device.

Now what do you think about electronics in the classroom? Have you changed your mind about it being unacceptable? Because it’s a outstanding gadget to have in our class!

Thinking Book: May 10

Young Artists for Haiti

Author: K’naan

URL: Young Artists for Haiti

I chose this video to be for my thinking book because it reflects about Haiti. I also am going to choreograph this song for the talent show coming up at the end of the year. I personally chose this song because I care about Haiti and this song is one of my favourite songs.

5. People who look up to you

This must be an awesome thing. I mean, isn’t it so cool? Like if people ask you for help on something. You feel like a leader, showing the way for others! It’s amazing what you can do. You can probably do things you can’t even imagine! Like, well… I can do a front handspring, while most people can’t! (Well, I did take competitive gymnastics, but…) You feel proud when people ask you for help! You feel like a hero! It’s great to have a positive, happy, proud type of feeling!