All About Me!

Ever since I was young I loved reading. Fiction, Non-Fiction, I would read almost anything. But of course, everyone has a favorite thing to read about… I think you can tell by my username what I love the most. Dogs. Anything with dogs, it could be facts about dogs, stories, anything with dogs. After all, I LOVE DOGS!! I would pet a dog that I saw that was passing by, or take care of dogs for free. I would do anything for dogs. I would always dream about getting my own dog. (I don’t have one… YET) Anyways… Back to books and reading, I was getting a little off subject. I like most books except Horror. I have never liked horror… And never will. I find Horror usually with murder or that type of stuff, and I don’t like that idea… I try to stay positive most times. Well, to prove how much I like reading, I made a saying. “A book can be the guide to your life.” You will find that I post a lot of Mission of the weeks. (Well for me, like 2 or more unless I run out of ideas) I find it fun to do it. I will have a few other posts, like Math (If you need help) and Ruff Talk (If you have problems and you need help with them) So… Books… Basically what I’m saying is that they’re really great. Especially chapter books. They open up your imagination so you can visualize the book like a movie.

Now to my personality. I LOVE DOGS, I’m friendly, positive, and have a leadership role for taking new risks and tasks. I love going to conferences, went to 2 of them before: ABEL and my mom’s conference at her work RBC. I hope to go to many more conferences like the Blueprints Conference, ECOO, or QUEST conference to meet new people (Especially DSPS) and is a great learning opportunity.  I love playing sports, like soccer and ran for school council and class rep, unfortunately I was sick so I herd from my friend NATMANSOCCERBOY (@chps_nathaniel) apparently beat me by 1 vote.  Oh well… I think he deserved that role. Well, I made a Animoto slide show for you to enjoy the rest about me. ENJOY!


3 Responses to All About Me!

  1. Mr. Lee says:

    Is there anyone else out there that understands the role of blogging in education better than our Dog Lover? Thank you for sharing who you are as a learner and global citizen.

  2. supergirl789 says:

    I liked the second paragraph where you talk about your personality. now i know the real you

  3. supergirl789 says:

    P.S Slideshow: AWESOME!!

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