2. Family

Family. Nothing better than family. Pets, siblings, parents, relitaves, and even friends. Yep, family rocks. Okay, I agree that your brother or sister can get annoying sometimes, but they are there whether you like it or not. (Sometimes I don’t like it) We have to live with it. And sometimes they won’t buy you the iPhone you wanted, but their your friend. A friend that lives with you, and changes your life. (In a positive way) DOGS! They’re my life friend that’s an Animal. Anyways, I thought this was…



1. Friends

Friends. They support you. They’re there for you no matter what. The love you. I have a friend that would do anything for me. In fact I have 2. Friends are not for taking advantage of them. Friends don’t have to be people, they can be pets. I have a good friend named Mopsie, and he’s a dog. Well his owner left my neighbourhood and I terribly miss him. Luckily, I have the owner’s phone number. You may think I’m crazy, but that’s what friends are for. My friends never left me, and I’ll never leave them.  Well this post was just…


Random Stuff

My high score for virtual bubble wrap! Very random. Website: http://www.virtual-bubblewrap.com/

Yep. Defiantly random.

I pop bubble wrap at 2.04 bubbles per second!

I popped 196 bubbles in 1 minute and 36.2 seconds
at www.Virtual-Bubblewrap.com!
Can you beat my score?

Thinking Book: May 3

Link:  http://www.canadasguidetodogs.com/breederinfo8.htm

Author: Karen Peak

Genre: Non-Fiction Science

Check out my prezi:

Thinking Book: April 26

Book: Betty & Veronica Double Digest “And the Winner is…”

Author: Dan Parent

Genre: Humorous

About: A new girl comes to Riverdale: Cheryl. Betty and Veronica already are fighting over Archie, so they don’t want Cheryl to take Archie away from them, so she went on the show “Lonely Hearts Club” to find a new boyfriend. There are 3 guys: Austin, Brandon, and George. Before they announced the new boyfriend for Cheryl, they showed embarrassing clips of the 3 guys and Cheryl herself. George got the most votes to be Cheryl’s new guy, so George won.

Soccer, Skating, and Other Sports

Hi guys,

I play lots of sports, so I decided to make a sports page. Here you can talk about sports. I will try to reply to your comments, and I will talk about the sports I do too.

Dogs <3

Hi everyone!

As you can see I LOVE DOGS. So I decided to make \a forum to talk about dogs. Both me and Dogslover14 (@chps_ashley) are the dog experts, so feel free to ask us questions.

Woof! -Dogloverlearning